About Avellino's Panini Sandwiches & Custom Made Salads About


Avellino's Mission

Avellino's mission is to expand by opening stores in malls, high traffic areas, colleges, universities and airports through out Canada. We want to change what fast food has to offer by including healthier, fresh, quality choices! We want to be a part of people's healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Avellino's believes that with rising health risks people are becoming more health conscious. People are making smarter and healthier choices when it comes to food. We are proud to offer Canadians healthier options and making change to what fast food has to offer.

Who says fast food can't be healthy and delicious?

We want people to feel great about what they eat on the go. We want people to feel guilt free after eating at Avellino's with our smarter choices.

Whether you're a health nut, a vegetarian, or just someone who continuously lives a healthy lifestyle, Avellino's offers customers the ability to eat healthy and the ability to maintain their healthy eating goals!

We commit to only serving the freshest, high quality ingredients to create premium food that is absolutely delicious. We want to put people's minds at ease when their on the go when it comes to food. Unhealthy food is no longer the only option for fast food!